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    Around the World Yacht Race
    Engineering of the Pyramids
    Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre  
    Business Meeting
    Signature Tunes
    Bristol to Bath – Midland Railway
    John Padmore – 18th Century Engineer
    Volunteering in Africa
    A Trip to Jerusalem (Pubs and Pub Signs)
    Operating of a Large Hospital
    Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime and Fraud
    Only Fools and Corsets   
    Life in an Emergency Department
    Business Meeting


    Development of the High Voltage System

    Down the Plug Hole

    Remember Me Project
    Train Outing - Cheltenham to Broadway
    Bristol from A to Z. An Alphabetical Ramble 
    Love on the Nile
    The Slapton Sands Disaster
    Vintage Railways Beyond the Heritage
    Noah’s Flood
    North Avon Singers

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