Probus Club of Frenchay
    General Data Protection Regulations
    Statement of Compliance

    Registration - As a "Small Society" as defined in the Regulations, we do not have to register the Club.
    Data Gathering - Data will be gathered from application forms for new applicants and from personal contact from existing members.

    Data Control - All records will be controlled by the Club's Registrar who will be responsible for the collating, storage and usage control of the data. Data will be held in both hard copy and on a computer.
    Data Collected - For each member, the Club will retain the following information, name, age, address, telephone number, partners name (where applicable), date of marriage (where applicable) and e-mail address. For Friends of Probus (widows of past members), we will only retain address and telephone number.
    Any member can refuse to give all or part of this data and can ask to have it withdrawn at any time by verbal request to the Registrar and this will be done within 7 days.

    Data Usage - Data will be used purely to maintain contact by phone or e-mail with members and to enable a celebration of milestone events (e.g. 80th Birthdays, Golden Weddings etc.).
    The data will also be used in the production of an annual Year Book issued to all members, honorary members and Friends.
    At no time will any of this data be made available, by the Club, to the general public under any circumstances without the specific permission of the members.
    By signing up to go on a trip or outing organised by the Club, the member gives tacit approval for the minimum amount of data to be disclosed to a third party for that visit and that visit only.
    Data Update - It will be the responsibility of each member to ensure that his record is updated as necessary. The Club cannot be held responsible for any misrecording of data.

    Retention of Data - The Club will only retain the data for a member whilst that person is an active member of the Club, or an Honorary member or a Friend. At the point the member leaves the Club the application form will be destroyed. Any electronic record may be kept on archives for historical purposes.